Course requirements

In this video, I will talk about some considerations and requirements for the Learn Ba Duan Jin Qigong at Home course.

The goal of my classes here at Sirius Health is to teach you exercises that don't require any special equipment. And so the good news is that Qigong, by its' very nature, meets this requirement. The Ba Duan Jin requires no equipment to practice at home. So you can do it in your house, you can do it at work, and you can even do it in your hotel room when your travelling in Europe or in Thailand.

There are a couple considerations though. First of all, we will be doing some larger movements, so please wear some loose, comfortable clothing. You don't want anything that is too tight. It's usually best not to wear any jewelry, and if you're wearing a belt, at least loosen it off a couple of notches so that you're not restricted by the belt.

The other consideration is what to wear on your feet. I like doing all my forms and all my calisthenics barefoot; it's just my preference. But if you want to wear shoes, try to wear a flat-soled shoe. So old fashioned Converse shoes work fine, martial arts shoes are by their very nature very flat, barefoot running shoes are good, or ballet or dance shoes. You don't want the shoes too slippery in case you loose your balance and your feet slide out from under you. And you don't want your shoes too sticky, because if you're trying to move, you don't want your joints to have undue stress because your foot is stuck on the floor.

Now the one requirement that we do have, though, is time. It's always best to make Qigong a regular practice, and so to do so, you need to learn to block off about 10 minutes of day, just to get into a regular routine. Whether it's in the morning when you wake up, or in the evening when you go to bed. Set aside 12 minutes of your day, and you're set to go with Ba Duan Jin.