Course overview

In this video, I will give you a quick overview of the Learn Ba Duan Jin Qigong at Home course.

I have separated this class into three distinct sections; not counting the introduction and conclusion. In the first section, I am going to talk about how to stand during Qigong, a little bit about the stances we're going to be using when we do Qigong, and about the breathing exercises we use to both start and end the Qigong sequence.

In the second part, I'm going to take each individual sequence and I'm going to break it apart. I will show you the sequence step by step, I'll show you some modifications to make it easier or harder, and then I'll do the entire sequence with all it's repetitions so that you can practice that sequence by itself.

Then in the third part we're going to put it all together. I'll do a demonstration right from the beginning breathing exercises, to the conclusion breathing exercises. This will probably be your go-to section once you've learned each individual sequences, and you can use this final section to practice with over and over until you have the entire form memorized.