Welcome to Learn Ba Duan Jin Qigong at Home! We're thrilled to have you in this Sirius Health online course. In this video, you will meet your instructor, Grant Martens, and get a quick introduction to both Qigong and the Ba Duan Jin.

Welcome to Learn Ba Duan Jin Qigong at Home! My name is Grant Martens, and I am a calisthenics trainer and Thai massage therapist at Sirius Health.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of health and well-being that coordinates body movement and posture, with breathing and with meditation. It is used for health and wellness, it is used as a form of meditation, and it's used for martial arts training.

The Ba Duan Jin is one of the most ancient and one of the most popular forms of Qigong, and it's practiced around the world. It consists of eight sequences, each which targets a different set of internal organs and different Qi meridians. You can do each of the eight sequences separately, but together they form a really nice morning or evening meditation, or just something that you can do before or after a workout just to get the blood flowing and energies centred.

The entire sequence will take about 12 minutes, and I look forward to teaching you. Let's begin.